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Welcome to CLCBC PADS home page. We are in our second season as a PADS facility. We will be serving approximately 40 clients every Monday night. We will have the opportunity to provide 3 meals and warm area to sleep.

If you have a heart to serve the homeless of Lake County, we would love to have you.

PADS is CLCBC's ministry to homeless men in Lake Co. There are a variety of ways to be involved and we’d love to explain those to you. For more info contact John Whittington, Director, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Areas to serve:
  • General donations
  • Shifts: First Shift (5-11pm), Second Shift (11pm-3am), Third Shift (3am-7:30am)
  • Other
  • PADS is always in need of volunteers to make, bring, or serve meals. Whether you are making bag lunches for our Day Shelter or bringing and serving a hot meal to our Family Center families, your generosity is truly appreciated.
1st shift
2nd shift
3rd shift

Responsibilities Include:

  • Monitoring departure and arrival of volunteers during shift changes.                                    
  • Setting up pads, arrange sleeping area.
  • Checking the phone to be sure it works.  Post emergency numbers and phone criteria next to the phone.
  • Checking that fire extinguishers are available.
  • Putting the PADS sign on the entrance door and make sure that doors to out-of-bounds area are locked.
  • Surveying supplies.  If low, notify Site Manager.
  • Checking bathrooms for adequate soap and toilet paper.
  • Setting up smoking area or post NO SMOKING signs
  • Arranging  tables for evening meal.
  • Making coffee and pot of hot water.  Set up beverage supplies (cups, tea bags, cream, sugar, etc.).
  • Serving evening meal to guests, join guests (volunteers should eat with guests as long as there is enough).
  • Cleaning up eating and serving area.  Wash and sanitize dishes.
  • Making bag lunches.
  • Dispensing toiletries to guests as needed.
  • Turning off main lights in sleeping areas by 10pm.

Responsibilities Include:

  • Monitoring departure and arrival of volunteers.                                   
  • Designating  phone person checks phone.
  • Making sure entrance door is locked.  Making periodic rounds of building, checking locks and out-of-bounds areas.
  • Not admitting guests after 10pm unless they have a police escort or PADS referral.  Guests with a PADS referral may be admitted after 10pm.  Any other late arrivals must be checked out by the police BEFORE you admit them.  Be sure any late arrivals are recorded on guest register and in-take done if new guest.         
  • Serving dinner to any late arrivals.
  • Adding new arrivals to sleeping chart
  • Maintaining an atmosphere conducive to sleep
  • Having hot water ready for instant coffee, tea, cocoa
  • Waking up any guest who requested an early wake up.  (Refer to sleeping chart).
  • Preparing lunches for the next day.
  • Making sure next shift leader is updated on any significant occurrences

Responsibilities Include:

  • Signing Volunteer Log.
  • Shifting leader gathers all volunteers for intros, briefing and assignments.                               
  • Monitoring departure and arrival of volunteers.
  • Designating a person to check phone.
  • Getting information from 2nd shift.
  • Waking up any guest who requested an early wake up (Refer to sleeping chart).      
  • Ensuring there is adequate coffee and hot water for breakfast.
  • Setting up breakfast foods (cereal, toast, fruit and juice).
  • Waking guests at designated time.
  • Checking log for any Guest Receipt information; return item(s) to guest.
  • Serving breakfast.
  • Folding blankets and put back in storage.  (Blankets used without a top sheet, must be laundered).
  • Putting linens and towels in laundry.
  • Cleaning up from breakfast.  Clean and unplug coffee pot, discard old food, check that oven is off.
  • Taking down PADS sign from door.
  • Surveying supplies, make needs lists for the Shift Leader.
  • Repacking site box.
  • Checking all areas of building to make sure all guests have left by 7am.