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My Chain-Link: Questions and Answers about the Happenings of CLCBC


What: My Chain-Link is a quarterly question and answer session (or as needed) that will discuss some of the most pressing questions the congregation has for church leadership, direction, and happenings of the CLCBC.

When: March 13, after 3rd service in the gym during Crock Pot Sunday.

Topic for discussion on March 13

  • Survey results
  • Parking lot progress
  • CCB and more!

Why: We want the congregation to stay in touch with decisions and new events planned at the church so that everyone has access to the information and can ask questions.

Who: All members and attenders can attend this. Pastor Mark Triller leads the session.

What if I miss it? You found us! The answers will be posted here. You may also send a particular question to Pastor Mark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and it can be answered directly or included in the next session.

 What did My-Chain Link discuss during the first meeting? See the Q & A below!

1. What is the state of the church budget?

At nearly the halfway point in the year we find we are at 97.5% of budget. That is very good news because last year we were at around 85% of budget at the six month mark. January and February of 2015 were both under budget but March, April and May were months that our income exceeded planned budget. All in all we have had a strong and positive first six months and we praise God that the ministry He has set before us will continue as planned.

2. What is the progress of the Housework campaign?

Financially we have $642,391 pledged and $505,019 has been received. We are still looking for final costs for all of the projects but the primary project—parking, may be able to be paid for with contributions received. Work on the West parking lot was to begin on June 25 and that has been pushed back 1 week so that the septic field can be relocated first.

3. What exactly is the CLCBC strategic plan and direction?

Our direction is to establish a culture of Evangelism, Disciplemaking, and Prayer at CLCBC. This is a bit different than simply “doing” those three spiritual endeavors. Mark 1:17 gives an example of Jesus telling his followers, “Follow me and I will make you become fishers of men.” That work was going to be demonstrated by Jesus but largely done by everyday people that were faithful to Jesus’ example. We are looking for that breadth in the areas of evangelism, disciplemaking and prayer. To change the culture, the church needs to come together and engage in teaching, doing and multiplying these spiritual disciplines. Specifically our goals include:

  • a. evangelism- 100 new involved believers each year for three years
  • b. disciple-making- 50% of regular attenders in small groups and 75% of small group attenders actively serving in a ministry
  • c. prayer- increase number of prayer groups from 1 to 5 and have 20% of regular attenders participate in a prayer group

So our plan will help fulfill our mission which is to: engage in a worshiping community, educate in scriptures with a view in application, equip everyone in ministry, and evangelize unbelievers and transform the world for Christ.

4. How do I learn what is going on at the church (activities, studies, etc.)?

If you go the website you can find events posted on the home page with the dates and times listed. We still produce a large bulletin that gives information on upcoming events and regularly scheduled activities. Many times an event will be promoted with a bulletin insert, a poster, and a table attended to by the organizers of the event. Some ask, “Why don’t we hear announcements during

the service about all of these events?” That’s a good question. The answer is that we do not have enough time to give all of the announcements that may want time and attention from the pulpit prior to the beginning of the service. The other reason is that we recognize that some people do not come early and would miss many announcements as they were given. Because we have 3 services we need to organize each and give time for people to enter and leave the church (and parking lot). We also are very aware of the purpose to gather and worship and wish that to be the primary focus of our time on Sunday morning. For these reasons we have decided to announce only all-church events from the pulpit on Sundays. Other ministry events are listed as outlined above.

5. What are we doing that is new and exciting?

I’m glad you asked. The church is planning to implement a new church management system called “My Chain.” This system will be a great help for those wanting to share information within groups (such as Life Groups and Bible Studies) and ministries. If you are a volunteer or volunteer leader, the system will be a great help in scheduling workers and informing the team of events and changes. We will also be able to have online giving and pay for events and activities through the system. The church directory will also be available to those with passwords.

6. Why did our Facebook page change?

Our CLCBC Facebook presence changed from a group to a closed group. This is common for organizations that have as many people as we do. Monitoring the page became difficult and some comments were better addressed in person than in the Facebook forum.

7. What happened to finding pastors and staff on the website and seeing their emails?

That’s a good question. Our website has undergone some changes to conform to technical requirements. In that process the staff was temporarily lost. We will find them and put them back on the site.


Thanks for all your questions; our next My Chain-Link will be in September